Michael-Clarke Company - Generator Division
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Michael-Clarke has trained, certified technicians to perform maintenance on numerous makes and models of equipment, including:

GE Generac Kohler Tradewinds Many others...

Michael-Clarke also has experience with inspections, maintenance and servicing on the following switchgear and controls:

  • Kohler KPS, XTS
  • Generac HTS, GTS, RTS
  • Thomson 800m 900
  • Cummins RA
  • Thomson 800 900
  • DSE
  • ECU
  • 2020
  • Generac R-Panel, H-Panel, Nexus, Evolution
  • Kohler Descion Maker
  • GE MX Series


  • Comprehensive maintenance and repair for Enclosures, engine and alternator (rotor/stator)
  • Provide maintenance and repairs from routine inspection to major repair and modifications
  • Engine changes and maintenance
  • Installation of ATS conversions and major alterations
  • Standby generator pre-purchase evaluation
  • Parts inventory
  • Large inventory of special tooling
  • Electrical troubleshooting and repair
  • Battery load testing
  • Sheetmetal repairs
  • Inspection and repairs